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YouPatch is a pixelating service that turns a picture into a quilt pattern in a couple of simple steps.

Not just a pixelated picture but an actual pattern, with yardage requirements and how to assemble.

It’s absolutely brilliant and such a fantastic idea.

Katy Jones, editor of Quilt Now magazine

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Why YouPatch?

Designing pixel quilts used to be tedious and time-consuming.

YouPatch makes it fast (minutes instead of hours), fun, and accessible.

It is a great program. I wanted to do this type of quilt but am not sure that it would have happened without your program.

It gives you a pattern and even gives you fabric requirements in Kona cottons.

So awesome!! Great tutorials/videos about how to use the software too.

Youpatch made it so much easier.

Stacey (@hushrules), Vancouver

Make a pixel quilt

Check out our gorgeous range of pre-made pixel-quilt patterns.

Design your own pattern

The YouPatch process makes it easy to create your own, unique design.

Brilliant, value-packed patterns

Save hours of effort!

YouPatch patterns are clear, systematic and so easy to follow.

I’m really impressed! The way the pattern breaks up the colours for each block and then shows you each individual block with the colours is great.

The unexpected bonus of the fabric calculations and cutting guide at the end is really fantastic!

I will absolutely use your site because my 20 hours or so of prep time is worth far more than $14.95!

Sandy, West Yorkshire, UK

Overall design

Labeled blocks

Accurate yardages

What to cut

Cutting guide

Emailed as a PDF

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Famous faces

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The easiest way to start pixel quilting

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No design work required

Lots of styles

Fabulously detailed

So much fun!

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We love to see our users’ finished quilts.

YouPatch is great.

The tutorials are helpful and I like the way it saves the pictures you upload.

Your site is so much easier than trying to make a pixelated pattern yourself.

2paw, Launceston, Australia

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Groucho PatchAndi, Melbourne

Little Brother Stacey, Vancouver

Beatrice Victoria Findlay-Wolfe, NYC

Commander Rex Kristy, Sydney

Jacob’s quilt Lisa, California

Sparty Lauren, USA

The YouPatch design process

1. Upload & crop

2. Pixelate 2141 pieces, 70 hrs

3. Recolor 1756 pieces, 60 hrs

4. Edit pixels 1642 pieces, 55 hrs

5. Pay for your pattern

6. Quilty awesomeness!

Image → quilt design

YouPatch takes out the tedium so you can get creative!

Easy & fun

You're in control

Smart feedback: e.g. number of pieces, estimated construction time

Video tutorials

Design for free

Pay once you're happy with the design

Start designing