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Here's what some happy quilters have said about YouPatch:

YouPatch is a pixelating service that in simple terms (for simple folk like me) turns a picture into a quilt pattern in a couple of simple steps. Not just a pixelated picture but an actual pattern, with yardage requirements and how to assemble. It's absolutely brilliant and such a fantastic idea.  

— Katy Jones (Leeds), author of I'm A Ginger Monkey

I'm really impressed! The way the pattern breaks up the colours for each block and then shows you each individual block with the colours is great. The unexpected bonus of the fabric calculations and cutting guide at the end is really fantastic!

I will absolutely use your site because my 20 hours or so of prep time is worth far more than $9.50!

— Sandy (West Yorkshire, UK)

This is an absolutely brilliant idea! I'm a beginner quilter and have been so stuck trying to find modern patterns I like that seem do-able. I just downloaded your free Marilyn sample, and as well as the pixelating just looking downright fab, I think your instructions and explanations are fantastically clear too. 

— Jo (Brussels)

I just looked at the Marilyn pattern and it is awesome!  I love the way it gives you the Kona colors to use and how the piecing is simplified so that you don't have to sew 2 million squares together. I have been wanting to do a Gwen Stefani pixelated quilt for the longest time, but pixelating the picture and then trying to figure out what colors and shades to use kept the project on the back burner. I'm so excited that I can finally create my masterpiece. 

— Melissa (Richmond, Virginia)

YouPatch is great. The tutorials are helpful and I like the way it saves the pictures you upload. Your site is so much easier than trying to make a pixelated pattern yourself.

2paw (Launceston, Australia)

I have been waiting my whole life (since August) for this site. I love pixelated quilts! At Quilt Festival last August I saw the most amazing Dr Who quilt and since then I have put making one myself quite near the top of my to make list.

I have purchased books on pixel quilting but hadn't got round to working out how I was actually going to make my quilt. Enter YouPatch. It does all that work (that I couldn't get my head round) for me. The website is so easy to use. I uploaded my image, chose the difficulty level of the quilt (I chose hard because I am stupid / hardcore) and was able to change colours and edit pixels.

Everything - apart from cutting and sewing - is done for you. Seriously easy.

Claire from Patch Fabrics (Lowestoft, England)

I love the service - so quick, easy to use, and super affordable.  And, I'm a Kona girl all the way so I was completely on board!

Anna (Lincoln, Nebraska)