The YouPatch story

Andi Herman (aka Patch Andi) and Dan Prager are the wife-and-husband team that came up with YouPatch.

In 2013, Andi was working endlessly at her computer trying to generate a pixel quilt pattern of Groucho Marx using spreadsheets and complicated formulas. Dan saw what she was doing and asked, “If I made you some software that would turn your ten hours of work into a few minutes, would that be useful?” Of course it was useful!!

Realizing that other quilters could benefit from their ideas, Andi and Dan decided to expand and improve their software into a fully featured website for Pixel Quilt Design. YouPatch was born! 

Read all about the YouPatch team here.

YouPatch makes pixel quilt design easy and fun!

Simply upload your image and follow the step-by-step instructions on the website to create an image you would like to stitch into a quilt.

This process can be a lot of fun! You get to play with different images in a variety of colors and styles until your image is ‘just right’.

Up until now everything is free. Once you have a quilt-worthy image, YouPatch will — for around the price of a regular commercial pattern (pricing) — provide you with a detailed, personalized PDF of your quilt pattern, complete with:

  • Fabric yardage matched to the Kona Cotton Solids range

  • Precise cutting instructions

  • Detailed piecing instructions

  • Full color diagrams that make quilt construction incredibly straightforward 

What makes YouPatch awesome?

YouPatch makes recoloring easy and accessible for beginners; precise and efficient for experts.

YouPatch saves time and fabric by using large pieces of solid color fabric whenever possible, and small pieces when necessary for fine detail.

YouPatch matches fabric colors to the Kona Cotton Solids range, which means you know exactly which fabrics to buy to create your masterpiece.

Most importantly, YouPatch is FUN!!!

Get started!