Prices & Licensing


What’s free?

Using YouPatch to upload and play with images is FREE!

Pixel quilt design is fun and creative: go nuts!

What do I pay for?

You only pay money when you order your personalized YouPatch quilt pattern:

Pixel quilt patterns

US $14.95 each
Variations on a previously purchased pattern US $9.95 each

Custom pattern design service 

You supply the image and preferences; Andi does the design.        

US $44.95 each 

I'm Australian and so is YouPatch. Can I pay in Australian dollars?

Yes! The AUD prices are: $19.95 for a regular pattern, $13.00 for a variation, and $58.00 for a custom design by Andi.


Can I on-sell my YouPatch patterns? Can I copy them or otherwise give them away?

No and no. All patterns generated using remain the intellectual property of YouPatch Pty Ltd. Patterns are licensed for strictly personal use.

But stay tuned. We are looking into making it possible to re-sell suitable designs on, with you (the designer) and YouPatch sharing the proceeds. 

Can I sell the quilts I make?

You may sell a quilt or two made using a YouPatch pattern. However, you may not have them made up and sold in commercial quantities.

If you are interested in obtaining a commercial license for a YouPatch pattern, please contact us.

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