YouPatch patterns

What does a YouPatch pattern look like?

YouPatch patterns are provided in standard PDF format.

The patterns contain a range of large color plates showing you your image, and how it can be broken down into make-able blocks. YouPatch provides you with fabric yardages and detailed cutting and assembly instructions.

We feel confident that you will be delighted with the level of detail and useful information provided in our patterns.

Can I buy ready made quilt patterns?

Yes! Browse our full range of beautiful, curated patterns!

Can I buy pattern variations?

Once you have purchased a YouPatch pattern, you may re-work the same image and purchase the new pattern at the discounted rate of US$9.95.

Can you make me a custom quilt pattern?

Some YouPatch customers might prefer to provide an image and have their quilt patterns personally designed by Andi. You can commission Andi to design a pattern for you by filling in a short form and uploading your image.


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