Pixelation quality and options

What happened to the colors from my original image?

When YouPatch pixelates your image, it selects the 15 most frequently used colors in your image. Sometimes, this means that color detail is lost in smaller (but important) areas like lips and eyes.

Usually this can be fixed by adding a color in the ‘Edit pixels’ page and putting back the color highlights as needed.

Can I do other shapes and sizes?

At this stage, the YouPatch software allows only 3 aspect ratio options for your quilt patterns. Please let us know if you would like to have a different shape or quilt size made available for your pattern.

We may be able to:

·        Offer a one-off pattern curation option at the premium rate of US$44.95, or

·        Put the request into our ‘to-do’ list and see whether other people also want the same options as you do (pushing such changes higher up the priority list).

Can I have more colors?

Currently, the maximum number of colors you can have in a YouPatch pattern is 15 (plus any other colors you add at the pixel editing stage). This makes for a very complex quilt pattern. If you are certain that you would like to make a quilt with more than 15 colors, we may be able to offer an individually curated quilt pattern at the premium rate of US$44.95.


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