Who are we?

Our vision

At YouPatch we combine our understanding of craft, mathematics, and technology to create innovative and original software. We want to help you — the crafter — to do creative and amazing things, and have lots of fun doing it.

Pixel quilts are just the beginning!

Our team

Patch Andi

Andi has been quilting since she was taught by her grandmother at the age of eight. She brings the quilting know-how to the YouPatch team. She knows relatively little about developing websites and can often be heard muttering quietly around the house about the importance of a good quarter inch seam. She blogs

Dan Prager

Dan is smart... smart enough to marry Andi, and to realise that pixel-quilt design would be much better with purpose-built software. Dan devised and programmed the algorithms that make the YouPatch magic happen. He has a background in mathematics, startups, and Agile software development & coaching. He tweets @agilejitsu.

John Barham

John is the descendant of North American quilters. But he never thought that would have any meaning for him professionally. John's main role is to bring the YouPatch software into a user-friendly website so we can all enjoy the magic.