Can I use YouPatch on any device?

YouPatch was designed to work best on a larger screen such as a desktop or laptop computer.

However, you can certainly view and use YouPatch on smaller screens such as tablets and smart phones, but you may find it tricky to manage some of the fine editing tasks. In particular, we are working to improve iPad usabilty.

We are always looking to improve our website so please contact us if you encounter any difficulties using YouPatch on your device. We aim to fix these sorts of problems as a matter of high priority!

Does it make a difference which browser I am using?

YouPatch should load up and function well on any of the main internet browsers including: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even Internet Explorer.

Older versions of these browsers may trigger some problems. In particular, avoid older versions of Internet Explorer (current version is 11).

Please contact us if you encounter any technical problems using YouPatch and let us know which browser you are using (including the version). 


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