Tell me about Kona cotton solids

Kona cotton solids are an extensive range of plain (non-patterned) fabrics by the Robert Kaufman fabric company. We love this range as there are a huge number of colors available and their dye lots are so consistent that you can purchase the same color fabric from 2 different batches and be confident that they will be a pretty perfect match.

Many quilters like to buy a Kona Cotton Solids color chart to keep at home, to easily match fabrics to their Kona names.

Where can I buy my fabric?

The Kona Cotton Solid fabrics are available in many specialty quilting stores in the Unites States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and beyond!

Some of these stores are bricks-and-mortar establishments that you can visit. Others offer an online shopping experience. Some shops carry the full range of Kona Cotton Solids while others carry a smaller selection from the range.

A quick internet search can help you find what you need.


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