Who is YouPatch for?

Is YouPatch suitable for beginning quilters?

YES!! While YouPatch allows users to edit and change fine details, it also allows you the option of simply choosing the default settings. It couldn’t be easier!

In terms of quilt pattern complexity, by choosing fewer colors and a lower level of detail, you will be able to create a less complex quilt pattern. The ‘Pixelate’ page gives you up-to-date statistics about quilt pattern complexity so you can see whether your design choice will be make-able for your skill level.

What does YouPatch offer the expert quilter?

YouPatch gives the advanced user the ability to change colors, add colors and even edit individual pixels to enhance the finished quilt patterns.

Using the complexity ratings on the ‘Pixelate’ page as a guide, advanced users can create highly complex quilt patterns with stunning end results.

I don’t want to make the actual quilt. Can I buy a finished quilt?

The YouPatch team are not in the business of making quilts on commission. However, you can purchase a YouPatch quilt pattern and seek someone in your local area to commission a quilt based on your pattern.

In the future, youpatch.com may offer a service where we bring together quilt buyers and pixel-quilt makers. Please contact us if you

  • would like to make use of such a service to purchase a finished quilt, or
  • would like to offer your services as a pixel quilt maker.


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