3 tips for image selection in YouPatch

Not all images pixelate well inĀ YouPatch. The key to a great shot for pixelation is one that has a clear single subject in the foreground with a very simple background. The subject should be cropped in nice and close to allow recognition of key features.

Tip Number 1 - The benefits of cropping:

A lovely picture of a cat with a plain white background.

But after pixelation we lose detail in the face.

Let's take that same image and crop it in nice and close to the head.

That's better but still needs some work.

MUCH better!

YouPatch allows editing of individual pixels to bring out the eyes.

A tutorial on that process will be coming soon.

Tip Number 2 - Background removal:

Another gorgeous image but this time a dog.

Pixelation - Not so hot :(

Let's crop it in and remove the background. (Tutorial on background removal can be found here).

I'm not loving the plain green but that's OK.

In YouPatch, we can change that easily enough.


Tip Number 3 - Reduce the number of subjects in the foreground.

A gorgeous big bunch of flowers.

Not so great as a pixel quilt.

A smaller bunch.

A bit better.

A single bloom.


The fewer subjects there are in an image, the better quality pixelation you can achieve.

Happy stitching.

Andi xx